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Froods offers a high quality tyre fitting service in the Sandy area. We can supply and fit almost any tyre needed, whether it’s for a sports car or a 4x4.

Competitively priced wheel alignment service in Sandy

Driving over speed bumps, potholes or kerbs can be enough to knock your wheel alignment out. Uneven wheel alignment will cause more wear on tyres and could cause your car to ‘pull’ to one side. As a result of this your vehicle will be harder to drive, uses more fuel and will need its tyres changed prematurely.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that the tyres are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. So when on a flat, straight road your car will travel in a straight line.

Froods can accurately measure your cars wheel alignment and make adjustments where needed. We use the latest steering geometry and wheel alignment equipment to make sure that your vehicles tracking is how it was when it was first made.

Good wheel alignment not only saves money on fuel and tyres, but also makes your drive safer and more enjoyable.

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